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Wilson's Winners

Its time to try something new! Every month Wilson chooses five interesting wines that will expand your drinking horizons but also be excellent value. She'll do all the work to find you something exciting to tickle the tastebuds and reignite that romance with wine.


Wilson's Winners is part of the subscriber section. For just $5 a month enjoy Wilson's recommendations and expand your collection, your knowledge and your tastes.

Every month Wilson prepares special tasting and food matching notes on five wines she's discovered. Wilson is always on the lookout for a bargain but also for something new, special or interesting. She'll make sure the wines she recommends are readily available and let you know where to get your hands on them. You could spend hours every day trawling wine review websites and reading magazines and still never be sure you're getting what you want. Or you can subscribe to Wilson's Winners, sit back and enjoy the wine.

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