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Wine Bottles

Cellar Planning

You'd love to be able to have a collection of wines - some for everyday drinking; some for that nice dinner party or maybe for date night and a few special bottles to bring out for anniversaries and other special occasions. But you just don't know where to start. Wilson can help!

Whatever your storage space, drinking habits or budget, Wilson can get your started with some great drink now wines as well as bottles to splurge on now for enjoying when the time is right. And she can help you make a plan so your cellar keeps growing. All you have to do is enjoy!

Wine Bottles

Ready to get started on the cellar of your dreams? Wilson will provide you with a consultation, tastings where possible and then set you up with a starter pack of wines, storage advice and on-going support for managing and adding to your collection. She'll make sure you know where to source your wines; how to serve them best and what to serve them with. All you have to do is open a bottle and relax.

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